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Amazing Kidz Academy LLC was established in 2013 at our 1267 E. Cheltenham Ave location.  Across our 4 locations, we have a licensed capacity of 452 children.  We have been awarded 100 PreK Counts slots and 130 PHLpreK slots.  We have 53 staff members, with the majority of our staff with a minimum of an Associates Degree in ECE or related field, many with Bachelor’s degrees.  Three of our centers are Keystone Star 4 and one center is Keystone Star 3.  Our centers support the communities we serve regularly and participate in community activities such as sponsoring families during the holidays and coming this Winter, a coat drive.


Amazing Kidz Academy LLC's ownership is comprised of a PA Certified Educator and experienced Business Owners.  Our leadership team and teaching staff comprise of PA Certified Early Childhood Education /Elementary Education Directors and Teachers.  Our planning committee is comprised of a supervisory certified administrator, school principals, retired elementary teachers, and daycare industry experts.  Together they help in the design, plan, implementation, and evaluation of our early learning and afterschool programming to ensure alignment with the PA Early Learning Instructional Standards.  Grants are solicited from Corporate Sponsors and Community Stakeholders. 


The decision to open an early learning child care center was based partly on the increase in the need for children to be academically sound upon entering elementary school.  Countless data show that children who receive high quality preschool education perform better in school, throughout their academic life, having received a "head start" in academic, social, emotional, cognitive, and recreational programmed experiences.  Education is the key to a bright future.  Early learning lends to academic success.


Our approach to enriching the minds of preschool children is rooted in our belief in the education of the whole child.  We use the Creative Curriculum and Highscope Curriculum to design our instructional lessons.  We follow the guidelines and best practices as defined in the Keystone Star 3 and 4 learning standards.  Our program incorporates methods and modalities to address the learning styles of all types of learners.  The core of our program is based on the seven domains of learning.


We provide a comprehensive afterschool program which offers academic, social & recreational activities in a safe, educational environment dedicated to empowering youth and families in the Oxford Circle, Juniata Park, Feltonville section, and Oak Lane communities.  Corporate sponsors are welcomed.


Child Safety


Safety first.  Our center is safe and secure with full fenced in grounds, a receptionist, and security cameras.  We regularly inspect and maintain the premises to keep our learning center hazard free.


All children who attend our center must have required immunizations, a completed Parent Information Sheet, including emergency contacts, and full name and relationship of ANY person who is allowed to pick child up from care.


Afterschool children whose transportation is arranged or provided by us are transported by licensed and insured drivers and motor vehicles.




Admissions, provisions of service and referrals of clients shall be made without regard to race, color, religious Creed, disability, ancestry, national origins (including limited English proficiency), age or sex.

​Our Staff

Our Lead Teachers are trained and experienced Early Childhood Certified teachers or CDA Certified.  All staff must be approved by the appropriate agency to work in our facility by PA Criminal Background Check, FBI Clearance, and Child Abuse Clearances. All staff are expected to have a caring and nurturing disposition towards the children that you entrust in our care.

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